Four Donut bowls                       

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Bowl Turning Logs Oct 2010-present

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Oct 2010-July 2011 Bowls on Flickr I
Aug-Nov 2011 Bowls on Flickr II
Dec 2011-Nov 2012 Bowls on Flickr III
Dec 2012 Bowls on Flickr IV
Jun-Aug 2017 Bowls on Flickr V
All Bowls, 2010-2017 All Bowls on Flickr
  Shop Pictures
Project 1 Games Box
Project 2 Tool Chest
Project 3 Fibonacci Chest
Project 4 Doll Wardrobe and Chest
Project 5 CD Towers
Project 6 Maple and Oak Box
Project 7 Storage Cabinet
Project 8 Music Case
Project 9 Small Box
Project 10 Segmented Wood Board
Project 11 Squares Box
Project 12 Lap Board
Project 13 Plant Stand
Project 14 Box
Project 15 Vertical Watch Box with Checker Doors
Project 7.1 Drawers for Storage Cabinet
  52 rough turned bowls
(c) 2012 Stephen Mildenhall