The text in this box becomes the description for the page.


Pandoc converts Markdown into other formats. The Blog uses it to create HTML. For example, it converts the Markdown

Here is some text.

![caption](/static/img/logo-small.png){width=80% height=30% #id_name .class_name}

![different caption](/static/img/logo-small.png){width=200px height=150px #id_name2 .class_name .another}

Some more text and $x^2$ math.

into the HTML

<p>Here is some text.</p>
<img src="/static/img/logo-small.png" id="id_name" class="class_name" style="width:80.0%;height:30.0%" alt="caption" /><figcaption aria-hidden="true">caption</figcaption>
<img src="/static/img/logo-small.png" id="id_name2" class="class_name" width="200" height="150" alt="different caption" /><figcaption aria-hidden="true">different caption</figcaption>
<p>Some more text and <span class="math inline"><em>x</em><sup>2</sup></span> math.</p>

The browser renders the HTML as

Here is some text.

different caption

Some more text and x2 math.

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