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Effective Python Projects

2022-04-05 | Effective Python, Python, pandas, data

The best way to learn Python is to use it to solve a real-life problem you face. I’m often asked to suggest example projects that are good for

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Effective Python Dates

2022-02-20 | Effective Python, Python, dates

Problems arise when computers interact with the real world. You step out of a controlled environment into one with user inputs, paper jams, invalid filenames, and dates. Dates are on the

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Effective Python Files

2022-02-10 | Effective Python, Python, path

If you write a program of any length, then you have to manipulate files and filenames. Common tasks include:

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Effective Python R Style Regression

2022-02-09 | R, regression, Python, Effective Python, matplotlib, statsmodels

I use R, but I love Python. However, let’s face it, basic linear regression in R is very straightforward. A few clear and intuitive lines of R code

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Effective Python Outline

2022-01-20 | programming, Python, Effective Python

General Python About, goals and objectives; leverage the work of others, use established libraries String manipulation and slicing Lists and slicing Dictionaries Sets Strings and Unicode,

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Effective Python Zip Enumerate and Iter

2022-02-15 | Effective Python, Python, iterables, enumerate, iter, zip

This short post looks at three built-in Python functions: zip, enumerate, and iter.

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Effective Python Strings and Unicode

2022-02-15 | Effective Python, Python, strings

What the �—±?† ? Ever cut and paste text between applications and get unexpected results? Particularly when the source is a webpage? For example, the sentence1

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Effective Python Introspection With Pandas

2022-02-15 | Effective Python, Python, pandas, introspection


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2022-02-02 | cartograms, Python

sadf TODO Global cartos using Penn World Tables Use gridded data LP approach to shape placement

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Code Snippets

2022-02-02 | programming, code, Python

Computer Setup Add to PATH variable: single location (\S\bin) for personal scripts includes publish.bat script Add to PYTHONPATH variable: current projects

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Regular Expressions

2022-01-28 | programming, Python, regular expressions

Regular expressions are a wonderful shorthand way to select and manipulate strings.

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Python Environments

2022-01-28 | Python, programming, environments

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