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AI and Insurance

2019-05-20 | presentations, AI, insurance

New AI techniques help computers solve problems that people find easy but that computers have historically found difficult, such as image or voice

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Risk and Return

2022-02-20 | insurance, risk, return, principal agent problem, non, additive probability

There are no universally true statements about risk.

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CEOs Talk About Risk

2022-03-01 | risk, insurance

Evan Greeberg, Chubb Q4-2021 In my judgment, the calendar year or published combined ratio is the primary measure of underwriting performance that investors and management should focus on, because natural

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Non Bayesian Risk

2022-03-07 | pricing, insurance, risk, underwriting

Distortion risk measures When can a risk preference be represented by a certain functional form? EU, SEU, CEU, Savage etc.

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The Cost of Goods Sold

2022-02-25 | presentations, insurance, risk, pricing

John Major and Stephen Mildenhall, CARe Meeting, June 9, 2021

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Towards the Quantitative Analysis of Quantitative Factors

2022-02-28 | pricing, insurance, risk, underwriting

Broad buckets of risk process risk; param risk; winner’s curse; PAT; ambiguity; morale hazard; info asymmetry

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The Insurance Stack in a Disrupted World

2017-11-15 | insurance, pricing, FinTech, InsurTech, disruption

DRAFT / work in progress! Value and Functional Organization in the Insurance Stack With Implications for the Traditional Insurer’s Place in a Disrupted World

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Charging for Diversifiable Risk and Proud to Do It

2020-09-24 | capital allocation, risk, pricing, insurance, presentations

John Major and Stephen Mildenhall, CAS Webinar, September 24, 2020.

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How to Allocate Capital if You Really Must

2020-05-13 | capital allocation, risk, pricing, insurance, presentations

John Major and Stephen Mildenhall, CAS Spring Meeting, May 13, 2020

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Spectral Risk Measures and Applications in Insurance ERM

2020-03-25 | capital allocation, risk, pricing, insurance, ERM, presentations

John Major and Stephen Mildenhall, ASTIN Special Interest Webinar, March 25, 2020

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A Modern Approach to Pricing for Risk

2021-11-15 | presentations, pricing, insurance, risk

Liberty Mutual, November 2021 Slides Avoid Arbitrary Assumptions! The wisdom of Adam Smith Three market actors Problems with additive pricing functionals Buyer motivation and bid-ask spreads Insurers as

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When Is Premium Riskier Than Loss Slides

2021-11-30 | insurance, risk, pricing, presentations

Premium to GDP Ratio: 1968 Watershed

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