On Deck


  • LP solver method of placement; cartogrammetry
  • PWT into Cartograms
  • Gridded data
  • Census data
  • Carto TODO list
    • What is a prepared geometry? How useful?
    • Spring apart method on small example
    • Easy “create from data without helper functions” version?
    • FIX peter’s projection!
    • On-the-fly: create a transformation - hexagons!
    • Penrose!!
    • Hexagons
    • Squares
    • Other tilings and wall paper patterns
    • Pure Python working correctly…look at gridx
    • Gridded population input
    • Countries
    • Parallel production of multiple maps!
    • Output to deck…
    • Re-read original paper
    • Read new paper
    • DLL for new method
    • so LINUX for both methods
    • Blog progress!
    • Census data
    • GPU


  • Name entries: post title—date-tags?
  • Show by post date/time (from stats()) not just day

Simple Manager

  • smf should take figure_format as an argument with default to class value


  • GDP per capita vs. capital stock by country

  • Cowan and Tabarrok Principles of Economcis Book

  • Tabarrok Why are the Prices so Damn High?

  • Effective Python blog posts

  • Setup publish: $env:PATH += ";c:\s\telos\blog" then publish FILENAME

  • Risk, leadership, management, analytics, quantifying qualitative considerations

  • Investment project

    • Data sources
    • Dashboard
    • Investment statement

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